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Insight::SAILS - Strategic Network Design

Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2003
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Strategic Network Design

SAILS 21, INSIGHT's flagship product, provides the capabilities to help companies design optimal supply chain networks. By minimizing costs, maximizing profits and increasing service levels, SAILS delivers value along the entire supply chain. The software can accurately represent a company's current business practices, from raw materials sourcing to capacity planning through delivery to the end customer. Using cutting-edge optimization technology, SAILS determines the best current network and strategically plans the best future network.

SAILS capabilities include the following:

  • Determines the optimal number and size of facilities
  • Determines the best locations of facilities
  • Evaluates distribution methods and policies
  • Examines profitability, seasonality and growth analysis to make production and capacity decisions
  • Analyzes the cost vs. service tradeoff
Rapidly changing market drivers, increasingly demanding customers and changes in company structures make SAILS the ideal package for companies facing any of the following:
  • Global Market Planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Capacity Planning Issues
  • Postponement Analysis
  • Sourcing Alternatives
  • Distribution Alternatives
Customers can use SAILS to tackle large, complex studies or to focus in on a specific business issue. With the added benefits of a powerful data management system and an intuitive user interface, SAILS is an ideal tool for any company looking to gain competitive advantage through designing a better supply chain.

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