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Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2003
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To meet worldwide demand for their products efficiently and on time, process and consumer packaged goods manufacturers must develop long-range production plans for all plants and then schedule that production within the plants at minimum cost. As INSIGHT’s premier optimization tool for manufacturing, PROFITS™ satisfies these needs. PROFITS™ Operations Scheduling Model (OSM), the first component to be released, develops detailed minimum-cost, single-plant schedules. Distinguishing features include:
  • Specification of how and when to combine independent process lines, packaging lines, conveyors, etc. into one or more production centers
  • Explicit consideration of sequence-dependent setup and
    changeover times and costs
  • Observance of specified committed shipments and target inventory levels.
OSM balances the competing objectives of higher equipment utilization and cheaper per-unit production cost against inventory, customer demand, and other operational requirements, thus giving management visibility and control over critical cost-performance tradeoffs. Shift schedule management, data preparation, visualization, and scenario control, provided via an intuitive graphical user interface, ease the most grueling aspects of schedule preparation. Users can augment OSM’s comprehensive suite of reports with those they design to communicate results clearly and quickly.
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International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. 1999.  Vol. 29. No. 3. P. 162-181. 
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