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iristaTransport provides your organization with a completely integrated transportation planning, execution and auditing suite of applications allowing logistics professionals to optimize dynamic fulfillment operations comprised of direct, linehaul and beyond shipments, utilizing parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) carriers. Lower transportation costs are achieved through carrier selection routines and optimizing shipping routes. In addition to cost savings a company can increase customer service levels by providing timely shipment status, expediting claim resolution and improving shipment accuracy. iristaTransport has also incorporated the "ownership" attribute throughout the system allowing 3PLs or companies with multiple divisions/business units manage transportation costs appropriately.

The iristaTransport suite of transportation applications is divided into three applications, which are iristaPlan, iristaShip and iristaAudit.

Transportation Planning - iristaPlan

The iristaPlan transportation planning application delivers powerful, high-volume shipment consolidation capabilities by intelligently managing the multitude of carrier contracts and rates, which can be based upon mileage, weight, flat rates or CZAR based tariffs that incorporate both straight and tiered discounts. Complex shipping scenarios such as zone skipping is automated, building multi-carrier, multi-leg and multi-stop truckloads, which can be pooled into hubs for final delivery by parcel or LTL carriers. Transportation plans can be modified manually through the use of a graphical planning tool, which makes use of simple drag and drop techniques, to re-route, combine, split or otherwise fine tune planned shipments. Supporting the planning process is a "What If" decision support tool that can be used to model the use of alternative hubs and tariffs.

Shipment Execution - iristaShip

The iristaShip application provides robust shipment processing functions including shipment rating, carrier compliant labeling, shipping documentation and export compliant paperwork. The application eliminates the need for multiple carrier-dedicated shipping systems by consolidating these functions into a single workstation process adding the ability to rate shop for the best combination of cost and service. Combined with the iristaWarehouse application, a pick to label fulfillment process can be implemented, increasing the efficiency of your warehouse operations. Finally track and trace functions are provided to ensure tracking of shipment through final delivery.

Audit & Claims - iristaAudit

iristaAudit is an administrative money saving application allowing an organization to manage the audit and validation of carrier freight invoices by exception. Payment processing is automated for those invoices, which successfully pass through the audit process. In addition, a claims management engine automates the process of generating, filing, tracking, and reporting on shipment loss and damage claims.

Each of the modules above leverage iristaTransport's powerful rating engine, which allows you to:
  • Compare all modes and service levels to secure the lowest cost freight options while satisfying delivery commitments to your customer.
  • Calculate freight costs based on your actual contracted rates or discounted tariffs.
  • Consolidate loads by commodity location, shipment schedules or carrier.
  • Optimize the handling of small package delivery, considering route costs, required delivery dates and your customers' specific delivery rules.
  • Exchange bills of lading, freight invoices, shipment status, ASNs, POs and load tendering documents using XML-based transactions or EDI.
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