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Advanced Microeconomics

Опубликовано на портале: 20-06-2007
Факультет: Economics
Дисциплина: Microeconomics
Год: Spring, 2007
Язык: Английский
Тематические разделы: Экономика, Микроэкономика, Теория игр

Economics 704 is the second half of the Economics Department’s two-semester sequence in Advanced Microeconomics, intended for second-year Ph.D. students. (Economics 703, the first half of the sequence, is taught by Professor Peter Cramton in the fall semester.) In Spring 2007, the course will focus on auction theory, matching theory, and the relationship between auction theory and matching theory. Other topics that are treated in some years include: sequential bargaining under incomplete information; and equilibrium refinements.

Программа курса:
  1. Overview of Auction Theory I: Single Items
  2. Overview of Auction Theory II: Multiple Identical Items
  3. Overview of Auction Theory III: Heterogeneous Items
  4. Parallels between Auction Theory and General Equilibrium Theory
  5. Matching Theory I: The Marriage Model
  6. Matching Theory II: Many-to-One Matching
  7. Matching Theory III: Money as a Continuous Variable
  8. Matching Theory IV: More Recent Papers

Программа курса со списком литературы: