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Industrial Organization and Public Policy: 14.20

Опубликовано на портале: 20-06-2007
Факультет: Economics
Дисциплина: Industrial Organization
Год: Spring, 2003
Язык: Английский
Тематические разделы: Экономика, Экономика отраслевых рынков

This is an undergraduate course in industrial organization, the study of firms in markets. Industrial organization focuses on firm behavior in imperfectly competitive markets, which appear to be far more common than the perfectly competitive markets that were the focus of your basic microeconomics course. This field analyzes the acquisition and use of market power by firms, strategic interactions among firms, and the role of government competition policy. We will approach this subject from both theoretical and applied perspectives.

  1. Overview & Review
  2. Recitation: Regression Basics
  3. Monopoly & Dominant Firms
  4. Game Theory 1: Static Models
  5. Recitation: Competitive Strategy Game
  6. Game Theory II: Dynamic Games
  7. Recitation: Dynamic Games
  8. Tacit Collusion: GE-Westinghouse HBS Case
  9. Facilitating Practices & Cartel Introduction
  10. Recitation: Dynamic Games
  11. Cartels & Price-fixing; Antitrust Law
  12. Antitrust Policy: Mergers & Monopolization
  13. Recitation: Cartels
  14. Measuring Market Power
  15. Oligopoly Pricing Strategies I
  16. Oligopoly Pricing Strategies II
  17. Oligopoly Pricing Strategies III
  18. Entry
  19. Entry Deterrence
  20. Predatory Pricing
  21. Raising Rivals' Costs
  22. Product Choice 1: Spatial Models & Cereal
  23. Recitation: Spatial Competition Models
  24. Product Choice 2: Quality, Durability & Networks
  25. Advertising
  26. R&D
  27. Internal Organization 1: Firm Boundaries
  28. Internal Organization 2: Firm Behavior
  29. Recitation: CSG Debriefing
  30. Vertical Structure
  31. Industry Discussion
  32. Review for Final Exam

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