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Economic Analysis of the University

Опубликовано на портале: 14-02-2007
Факультет: Economics
Год: Fall 2006
Язык: Английский
Тематические разделы: Экономика, Экономика образования

This course seeks to illustrate the complexity of decision making in a nonprofit organization and to show how microeconomic analysis in general, and labor market analysis in particular, can be usefully applied to analyze resource allocation decisions in universities. It also discusses why actual decision-making at universities may often appear to ignore economic forces.

  1. Introduction: The American Higher Education System. The Quest for Prestige and Why Private Universities Can't Hold Down Their Costs. Who Runs the University? The Scope of Budgetary Issues.
  2. Endowment, Investment and Spending Policies: The Decisions to Spend or Save and How to Invest. Socially Responsible Policies: The Cost of Development.
  3. The Quest for Prestige and How it Influences University Behavior: Undergraduate, Professional, and Doctoral Programs.
  4. Undergraduate Tuition, Financial Aid and Admissions Policies. Why Diversity?
  5. Faculty Compensation and Employment: How Much Is Enough? The Tenure System and Lifetime Contracts. Are Full Professors Overpaid? Reacting to the End of Mandatory Retirement. The Growth of Non Tenure Track Faculty
  6. Faculty Compensation: Equity and Efficiency Within and Across Departments: Does Productivity Matter and How Can We Measure It? The Problem with Comparable Worth
  7. Faculty Issues Relating to Gender Race and Ethnicity: Affirmative Action, Female and New Minority Doctorates, Comparable Worth Revisited, Women's Choice of Fields and Institutional Types
  8. The Costs of Science: Relative Prices Don't Matter. Changing Federal Policies. Duffield Hall. The Commercialization of Research
  9. The Cost of Space
  10. Doctoral Education: Ph.D. Students as Inputs and Outputs. The Length of Ph.D. Programs and Universities' Responses to Changing Federal Support. The Changing Demographics of Doctoral Students, Collective Bargaining for Graduate Assistants
  11. Resource Allocation Across and Within Colleges and Departments: Who Gets What and Does What. The Role of Internal Transfer Prices. The Role of Student Fees
  12. Information Technology, Libraries and Distance Learning
  13. Nonacademic Infrastructure and Student Services Issues: Cooling a Campus and Parking
  14. Intercollegiate Athletics and Gender Equity
  15. Student Issues: Housing and Dining.
  16. Concluding Thoughts

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