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Economics of Pensions

Опубликовано на портале: 21-02-2004
Факультет: Fukulty of Social Sciences
Язык: Английский
Тематические разделы: Социология, Социальная политика, Социальная политика: Пенсионное обеспечение и пенсионная реформа

Seminar on Economics of Pensions - The seminar will bring a series of topics and papers dealing with them that will cover most issues related to the pension systems characteristics. We will start with a review of basic design issues and discuss different pension systems ability to adjust to parametric changes. Then we will compare parametric reforms of PAYG systems with systemic/multi-pillar reforms. Significant attention will be given to the political economy of pension reforms and to the situation in the transition countries.

1. Basis - Empirical Background (An International Perspective on Policies For An Aging Society, Social Security Pension Reform in Europe, Globalization and the Future of Social Protection, International Patterns of Pension Provision).
2. Basis - Theoretical Background, Political Economy Aspects (Political Economics and Public Finance, Generational Policy, Transformation of Social Security: Pensions in Central-Eastern Europe, Pensions and Contemporary Socioeconomic Change, The Aging Population and the Size of the Welfare State.
3. Macroeconomic Consequences (The Fiscal Challenge of an Aging Industrial World, The Macroeconomic Implications of Ageing in a Global Context, The Impact of Tax and Welfare Policies on Employment and Unemployment).
4. Reforms of the Pay-As-You-Go Systems (Notional Accounts as a Pension reform Strategy, When Will The Germans Get Trapped in their Pension System?).
5. Systematic Reforms - Theory (Privatization of Social Security: How It Works and Why It Matters, Reforming Pensions: Myths, Truths and Policy Choices, Proposals to Restructure Social Security).
6. Systematic Reforms - Empirics (Pension reform, financial market development, and economic growth, Financing the Transition to Multipillar, Chiles Pension reform After 20 Years, EU Pension Reform - An Overview).
7. Czech Pension System (Pension System Viability and Reform Alternatives in the Czech Republic, Alternative Views on the Future Financing the Czech Pension System).