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Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the Federal Republic of Germany (Трудовое право и производственные отношения в Германии)

Обновлено: 04-04-2011


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Страница второго издания монографии Манфреда Вайса Трудовое право и производственные отношения в Германии. Доступен сервис по покупке этой книги.

Content List of Abbreviations.


1. General Background.

2. Definitions and Notions.

3. Historical Background.

4. The Role of the Government.

5. Sources of Labour Law. Selected Bibliography.

Part I: The Individual Employment Relationship.

1. Definitions and Concepts.

2. The Conclusion of the Individual Labour Contract.

3. Duties of the Parties in the Course of the Employment Relationship.

4. Working Time, Holidays and Annual Vacation

5. Remuneration and Benefits.

6. Workers' Liability.

7. Termination of the Individual Labour Contract.

8. Covenant of Non-Competition Inventions by the Worker.

9. The Settlement of Individual Labour Disputes.

Part II: Collective Labour Law.

1. The Freedom of Association.

2. The Trade Unions and the Employers' Associations.

3. Collective Bargaining.

4. Conflict Resolution.

5. Institutionalized Forms of Workers' Participation: The Works Constitution.

6. Workers' Representation on the Supervisory Board.

7. The Role of the Courts in Collective Labour Law.