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Business Processes Resource Centre (University of Warwick)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010


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Web site for the Economic and Social Research Council's Business Processes Resource Centre, based at the University of Warwick. The Centre has three main objectives:
  • to provide a focal point in the U.K. for dissemination of current knowledge and best practice in business process analysis and management
  • to create self-sustaining networks of researchers and practitioners in business process analysis and management
  • to identify and introduce economic, sociological, psychological and management related topics and issues and integrate them into the on-going agenda for social sciences.

    The site contains the full-text of papers received by the Centre, as well as references to publications, including case studies, available elsewhere on the Internet. There is a list of Business Process Analysis enabling technology providers - hardware, software and consultancy; and a list of links to related sites, including universities and other research organisations, associations, publishers, mailing lists, and providers of training materials. The Centre runs a JISCmail (formerly Mailbase) list called business-process-management.