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Ways, characteristic features and machinery of economic and political power interaction

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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2010

History of mankind has given convincing evidence for interaction and interdependence of property and power, economy and politics. Wealth, possession of some kind of material, financial or any other resources provides access to the power levers and they both provide access to the high status in society, authority and popularity. Strivings after power and richness is a driving force and motive to develop human societies. The first priority task of a state is to provide security of the property rights. This explains the fact that in all periods of human history richness has been closely connected with the state power. Moreover, in the legal terms property and the state appear together at the same time. Power is a key instrument in exerting influence on production, distribution and consumption of the material and other resources of society. Its role and importance is not only determined by the lack of the means of encouraging and punishing to maintain social order in society. The article attempts to comprehend the character of the interrelation between power and property, between the economic and political power under the modern conditions.

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