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Воспоминания инвалидов о сексуальном насилии: факты и умолчания

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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2010
The article de)individualises the debate about sexual abuse of disabled people, especially women, by showing that both sexual and a)sexual identity of the impaired persons are invariably fashioned within the institutional arrangement of domination and subjugation. It will show that if disabled persons are seen as a)sexual or if they are sexualised, they cannot escape sexual violence which is not an aberration but is intrinsic to the social construction of disability. The article includes personal testimonies of women with different disabilities from Slovenia who were abused either at home or in public care. It shows some responses of the professionals and caregivers who minimise the importance of abuse, and it claims that ignoring the memories of sexual abuse is part of a subtle and unintentional discrimination which ref lects a continuity of prejudices and hatred toward disabled children and adults in the private realm as well as in public care. People from ethnic minorities, such as Roma, are still today more often diagnosed as mentally disabled, which shows that the disability diagnosis has to be seen as part of cultural responses towards an economically and socially marginalised group. The author uses different perspectives: historical, social work theories, cultural studies and feminist analysis.
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