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International Conference "The United States and the World: from Imitation to Challenge"; May 29-30, 2009


Date: May 29-30, 2009.

Site: Krakow, Poland.

Deadline: January 15, 2009.

Organiser: Chair of American Studies, Jagiellonian University

Topics: This two-day conference will explore various aspects of the mutual connections between the United States and the world.

It will concentrate on the problem of the model of American democracy, the presidential system, American politics, society, culture, and the world’s reflections about them – from imitation to challenge.

The conference aims to provide a forum for discussion of a range of ideas concerning the above-mentioned topic, and the conference will reflect on the significance of this phenomenon in current research.

The conference will provide an exciting opportunity for colleagues to debate new developments in the field, and it is hoped that selected conference papers will form the basis of an edited collection.

Papers are welcome from individuals and/or panels (of not more than four papers) that explore one of three broad themes:

  • The American impact on the world: normative and analytical aspects (Integration in Pax Americana and patterns of integration in other parts of the world, different and/or similar approaches to challenges to international order and dealing with international threats, continuity and change in politics);
  • The American “export” of values: separation of church and state, human rights, idea of sovereignty, the rule of separation of powers, the rule of accountability, modern federalism, democratization patterns, presidentialism;
  • The American credo, Americanism, American Studies: in search for a definition of America. American exceptionalism and uniqueness, contemporary American society, impact of/on American values.

Language: English


Dr. Lukasz Wordliczek

E-mail: lukasz.wordliczek@uj.edu.pl

Internet: http://www.transatlantic.uj.edu.pl/main.php?id=66