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CEU Summer School "Space, Science and Claims to European Domination. The Dynamics of Knowledge from the Renaissance through the Enlightenment"


Date: July 20-31, 2009

Deadline: February 16, 2009

Site: Budapest, Hungary

Organiser: Central European University (CEU)

Topics: This summer school deals with what has been termed "European centrality", understood as claims to superiority, primacy, or a leading role of (some) European powers.

Among the possible criteria for such superiority, we shall concentrate on the variables in the realm of the production and circulation of knowledge. How, from the perspective of such variables, has European history been asymmetrically affected by economic, political and social processes worldwide, such as intercontinental trade, political and religious campaigns that led to the discovery, scientific exploration and political exploitation of entire regions within Europe itself as well as in other continents?

The aim of this course is to explore the possibility of writing a new narrative of European history in a polycentric global context, and of historicizing the idea of Europe in relation to the dynamics of knowledge, from conceptual, cultural and spatial points of view.

Target audience: The course targets mainly doctoral students in the advanced stage of their research, as well as postdoctoral students and junior scholars, in special cases also MA students. The course also invites applications from faculty and researchers. Undergraduates without a university degree will not be considered.

Language: English

Fee: 500€.

Financial aid is available


Tel.: +36-1 327-3811

Fax: + 36-1 327-3124

E-mail: sun09-space@ceu.hu

Internet: http://www.sun.ceu.hu/02-courses/course-sites/space/index-space.php