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Economic Sociology: State, Market, and Society in Modern Capitalism

Опубликовано на портале: 18-12-2009
Malden, Mass.: Blackwell, 2002, 304 с.
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This book systematically reconstructs the origins and new advances in economic sociology. By presenting both classical and contemporary theory and research, the volume identifies and describes the continuity between past and present, and the move from economics to economic sociology. Most comprehensive and up-to-date overview available by an internationally renowned, award-winning economic sociologist Systematically reconstructs the origins and new advances in economic sociology Organizes the perspectives and methods of economic sociologists of the classical and contemporary eras, including coverage of modernization, globalization, and the welfare state Provides insights into the social consequences of capitalism in the past and present for students of economic sociology.

Preface vi

Acknowledgments x

Introduction: What is Economic Sociology? 1 (14)

Part I: The Classics and the Sociology of Capitalism 15 (102)

From Classical Economics to Economic Sociology 17 (19)

The Origins and Developments of Capitalism: Simmel and Sombart 36 (18)

Capitalism and the Western Civilization: Max Weber 54 (22)

The Social Consequences of Capitalism: Durkheim and Veblen 76 (20)

The Great Depression and the Decline of Liberal Capitalism: Polanyi and Schumpeter 96 (21)

Part II: Themes and Routes of Contemporary Economic Sociology 117 (139)

The Legacy of the Classics and the New Boundaries between Economics and Sociology 119 (28)

Modernization and Development of Backward Areas 147 (19)

The Keynesian Welfare State and Comparative Political Economy 166 (31)

The Crisis of Fordism and New Economic Sociology 197 (40)

Globalization and the Diversity of Capitalisms 237 (19)

Notes 256 (8)

References 264 (15)

Index 279