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Frontiers of Commodity Chain Research

Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2009
Ред.: Jennifer Bair
Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2009, 296 с.
Extending the frontiers of commodity chain research, this distinctive volume includes original work from major figures in sociology, history, geography, and labor studies. It underscores the wide and interdisciplinary appeal of chain approaches for analyzing the economic, social, and political dimensions of international trade and production networks. Commodity chain analysis sheds light on the political and ecological implications of economic globalization and on how activists in pursuit of social justice, workers' rights, and environmental protection can use it. Following a substantive review of literature in the field, the collection goes on to examine theoretical and methodological debates over how to conduct research on global commodity and value chains, how power is exercised through these chains, and how global economic activities are coordinated across space. The result is a rich and unusually coherent volume that demonstrates how commodity and value chain analysis is informing contemporary research in a variety of fields.

Commodity chains : genealogy and review / Jennifer Bair

Historicizing commodity chains : five hundred years of the global coffee commodity chain / Steven Topik

Trading up the commodity chain? : the impact of extractive and labor-intensive manufacturing trade on world-system

inequalities / David Smith and Matthew Mahutga

Protection networks and commodity chains in the capitalist world-economy / Immanuel Wallerstein

The comparative advantages of tropical commodity chain analysis / John Talbot

From commodity chains to value chains : interdisciplinary theory building in an age of globalization / Timothy J. Sturgeon

Global commodity chains, market makers, and the rise of demand-responsive economies / Gary Gereffi and Gary Hamilton

Mimicking "lean" in global value chains : it’s the workers who get leaned on / Kate Raworth and Thalia Kidder

Unveiling the unveiling : commodity chains, commodity fetishism, and the "value" of voluntary, ethical food labels / Julie Guthman

Chain (re)actions : comparing activist mobilization against biotechnology in Britain and the U.S. / William Munro and Rachel Schurman.

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