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On Capitalism

Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2009
Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2007, 368 с.
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Capitalism dominates economies all over the world and is a key force in the process of globalization. What makes it such a uniquely dynamic social and economic force, however, is open to debate. The essays in this book take up this issue, offering theories on both what encourages and what blocks capitalism. In On Capitalism leading economists, sociologists, and political scientists develop ideas and insights into the dynamic of capitalism as a global economic order. Unlike studies that focus only on localized descriptions of what has made capitalism function in a specific place, these essays examine the general mechanisms that account for dynamic or rational capitalism. As each chapter shows, the mechanisms motivating and facilitating today's global capitalism are not rooted in the materialist domain of incremental capital accumulation, but in the realm of ideas and institutional structures. Taken as a whole, these essays offer a rich account of the interconnectedness of the economic, political, and religious institutions of modern capitalism.

Introduction Victor Nee Richard Swedberg 1

The Dynamics and Contradictions of Capitalism

The Systemic Anticulture of Capitalism Russell Hardin 21

Tocqueville and the Spirit of American Capitalism Richard Swedberg 42

Income Inequality and the Protestant Ethic Robert H. Frank 71

Politics, Legal-Rational Institutions, and Corruption

On Politicized Capitalism Victor Nee Sonja Opper 93

Law, Economy, and Globalization: Max Weber and How International Financial Institutions Understand Law Bruce G. Carruthers

Terence C. Halliday 128

The Social Construction of Corruption Mark Granovetter 152


The Role of Spiritual Capital in Economic Behavior Barnaby Marsh 175

Political Economy and Religion in the Spirit of Max Weber Robert J. Barro Rachel M. McCleary 190

Beyond Weber Michael Novak 220

Methodological and Conceptual Issues

The Collective Dynamics of Belief Duncan J. Watts 241

Analytical Individualism and the Explanation of Macrosocial Change Ronald Jepperson John W. Meyer 273

Bootstrapping Development: Rethinking the Role of Public Intervention in Promoting Growth Charles F. Sabel 305

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