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Fifth International KMO Conference: Roles and Challenges of Knowledge Management in Innovation for Services and Products, May 18-19, 2010, Veszprem, Hungary


Organiser: University of Pannonia, Hungary

Topics: The fifth International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations (KMO) aims at providing an international forum for authors to present and discuss research focused on the role of knowledge management for innovative solutions in industries, as well as to shed light on recent advances in knowledge-intensive service systems for organizations.

The scientific objective of the conference is to identify challenging problems on the role of knowledge management on designing innovative product service systems, as well as to identify future directions research for the role of knowledge management in service innovation in academia and industrial sectors.

This conference calls for papers that offer provocative, insightful, and novel ways of developing innovative systems through a better understanding of the role that knowledge management plays.

Language: English

Deadline: February 18, 2010

Contact: Conference Chair, Prof. Lorna Uden, Professor, Staffordshire University, UK E-mail: