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Adaptive Rural Structures in the Context of Comprehensive Understanding of Globalization

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Опубликовано на портале: 01-05-2010
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The authors analyze the contemporary debate on globalization. They argue that conceptualizations of globalization are normative and teleological because they subordinate analytic judgments to predictions. To better understand the phenomenon of globalization, it is important to study its logic in specifi c areas. The case in point is the agrarian sector of Russian economy. The peculiarities of regionalization determine deepening deprivation of the majority of rural population. One way to overcome it is through the integration of rural locality in the communities of a higher order. Globalization launches, on the basis of the world market orientation of agricultural production, the mechanisms of integration, creating a different type of social space organization, more adequate for civil society, together with new models of social relations, in which may be included rural residents.
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