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Концепция нового социального конфликта Алена Турена

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 19-05-2010
The paper comprehensively analyzes the approach to a problem of a new social conflict suggested by the well-known French sociologist Alain Touraine. According to A. Touraine’s sociology of action, the substance of conflict at the macro level comes through implementation of historicity, or a society’s ability to construct itself using a set of socio-cultural patterns. The essence of a new conflict is not expressed through a fight for justice, freedom, brotherhood or equal rights any more. It lies in the struggle for happiness as a general inner feeling of satisfaction. Generally, the Authority and the Human be come key actors of a new conflict. Its distinctive features, such as totality, expanding scope, dif fuse and permanent nature, constructedness, de-institutionalization and ubiquity determine individualized, spontaneous and recurrent character of conflict in all spheres of social life.