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Cold Nocturne. Anthropology of Night in Evenki Village

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Опубликовано на портале: 07-07-2010
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The article regards innovation to be a universal factor in social structures self-organization. The key identifying features of innovation are marked out. Innovation is: conjecturally constructive, instrumental, complete, technological and reflective. Building on those features the author gives operational definition of innovation. The paper proposes process-spatial approach to modeling the innovation process synthesizing the theory of social self-organization and the social network theory. A connection between the basic states of social systems functioning (LS and HS-modes discovered by self-organization theory) and innovation process development is shown. LS-mode is favorable for innovation formation and diffusion, while HS-mode is preferable for consolidating established form of order. The most probable roles of various network structure types in innovation process are identified.
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