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The comparative analysis of the moral's substantiation in the British and German philosophical traditions (moralists of the XVII century and Immanuil Kant)

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Опубликовано на портале: 14-07-2010
Журнал современной зарубежной философии "Хора". 2007.  № 1-2. С. 69-77. 
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In the article has been shown the role of the «moral sense» school in revision of a classical image of the moral law: change of its concept traditionally contacts to Kant though the British moralists emphasized moral value of virtues regardless to their result as the purposes. Without belittling Kant's role, it should be admitted, that in many respects representatives of the British «moral sense» school have acted originally as the forerunners of the Kant's ethical theory. However, in Kant's philosophy all the abovestated problems have been formulated in the rigid and categorical form. He has naked these questions owing to what they have appeared in the center of attention and in many respects have defined the further development of moral philosophy while in the British philosophy of «moral sense» these problems were not so strongly expressed that caused as an obvious obstacle for their estimation.
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