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Jim Clark, editor and publisher of Erving Goffman, Harold Garfinkel, Herbert Blumer, Talcott Parsons, and Robert Bellah, in conversation with Mischa Gabowitsch

Опубликовано на портале: 09-09-2010
Laboratorium. Журнал социальных исследований. 2009.  № 1. С. 151-159. 
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Jim  Clark  (born  1931)  was  director  of  the  University  of  California  Press  from  1977  to  2002. Before  that,  he  worked  as  acquisitions  editor  in  the  social  sciences  at  Prentice  Hall,  a  large
educational  publisher,  and  vice  president  of  Harper  &  Row,  a  major  publishing  house  that  later  became part of HarperCollins. As an editor, he has worked with over 800 authors of books in the social sciences. The  interview  was  recorded  in  Princeton,  NJ,  in  June  2008,  by  Mischa  Gabowitsch,  editor-in-chief  of Laboratorium  and  lecturer  in  Princeton  University’s  department  of  sociology,  and  revised  by  Clark  and Gabowitsch in October 2008.
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