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Research Workshop on Economics and Econometrics of Education. Site: Lisbon. Date: 07-08.91.2011. Deadline: 15.10.2010



Over the past few years, economics of education has grown rapidly, becoming an extremely productive and exciting field of research. Several factors are behind this phenomenon. Firstly, the area is of paramount importance for the world at large, and in several countries the shortage of human capital has been recognized as a structural obstacle to higher income levels. Indeed, serious difficulties have been detected in a number of countries regarding the efficiency, quality, and equity of the educational systems. Secondly, education is a key topic in policy and in the academic debate, as policymakers are actively experimenting education-related policies, creating a great diversity of experiences. Thirdly, rapid rise in the quantity and quality of data available is allowing for new developments and different approaches.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for presenting and debating current cutting-edge research on the topics of economics and econometrics of education. We are putting together a very interesting program and an excellent group of participants, including some of the leading world researchers in the economics of education. In order to further stimulate research on this area, an international call for papers is being launched. The papers will be subject to normal refereeing process and, if accepted, will be presented in plenary sessions together with the guest speakers’ presentations. Moreover, a few presented papers are expected to be published at a specialized journal.

Guest Speakers

  • Eric Hanushek (Stanford University)
  • Daniele Checchi (University of Milan)
  • Brian P. McCall (University of Michigan)
  • William Schmidt (Michigan State University)

Topics of Interest

Authors are invited to submit papers in all areas of economics of education, but preferably with an emphasis on the following topics:

  • The role of education/human capital in economic growth
  • Determinants of students/schools educational performance
  • Education, skills, employability and the labor market
  • International comparisons in education
  • Funding of education and the private vs. public debate

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