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Religion and Communism: Comparative Perspectives. Date: 06-07.05.2011. Site: Goettingen, Germany. Deadline: 08.10.2010


Organiser: Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity

Topics:  This  workshop  seeks  to  cross  these  boundaries  by  asking:  Is  there  a  relationship  between  religion  and
communism  writ  large?    What  does  the  comparison  between  different  forms  of  communism  tell  us  about  the
relationship between communism, as an ideology and form of governance, and religious practice after 1989? The
organizers  invite  proposals  that  consider  the  impact  of  anti-religious  propaganda  and/or  communist  forms  of
governance on religious practice, the relationship between religious practice and various forms of communist and
post-communist  markets,  comparative  moralities,  the  nationalization  of  religions  as  well  as  new  points  of
comparison for an edited volume that will seek theoretical conclusions about the current state of the field. 
This  workshop  seeks  to  bring  together  scholars  of  religion  in  communist  and  former  communist  countries  to
address these theoretical questions through comparative data from a broad geographic spectrum. The organizers
invite scholars who work on religious practice in post- or currently communist countries to present their work at a
two-day workshop, concluding with a round-table discussion. Goal of the workshop is to produce an edited volume
that assesses the state of current research, provides clarity about what can be said about the relationship between
religion and communism, and defines new directions for research. Projects do not have to be based on comparative
research, but must seek to draw theoretical conclusions that enable comparison across geographic boundaries.*
Papers presented at the workshop must not be committed for publication elsewhere.
Language: English
Deadline: October 8, 2010

E-mail: Quijada@mmg.mpg.de
Internet: http://www.observatoire-religion.com/?p=169