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The organisation, economics and policy of scientific research. Date: 18-19.02.2011. Site: Torino, Italy. Deadline: 30.11.2010


There will be organised  a  workshop in collaboration with the COST Action on “Science and Technology Research in a Knowledge-based Economy - STRIKE”on February 18-19, 2011

The aim of the workshop is to bring together a small group of scholars interested in the analysis of the production and diffusion of scientific research from an economics, historical, organizational and policy perspective.

The aim is to attract contributions from both junior and senior scholars, a minimum number of slots is reserved for junior researchers (PhD, Post-docs or scholars who obtained their phd in 2007 or later). The best junior scholar paper will be awarded a special mention prize. See below for details.

A group of about 12 papers will be selected from the open submissions on the basis of peer review for presentation to have enough time for discussion.

The workshop does not have a narrow focus, it aims to include papers form the various streams of research developed in recent years in and around the area of public and private scientific research. We invite contributions which focus on one or more of the following topics (but they are not limited to):

  • Organization of research activities in universities, PROs and private R&D labs
  • Knowledge transfer from academia
  • Scientific careers
  • Research funding models
  • Teaching and research interactions
  • The contribution of research and teaching to economic growth and development

To submit a contribution and for further information contact: Aldo Geuna (aldo.geuna@unito.it), Cornelia Meissner (Cornelia.Meissner@unito.it) and Pier Paolo Patrucco (pierpaolo.patrucco@unito.it ).

Details: http://www.dime-eu.org/policy-of-scientific-research