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Conference "Everyday Life, Social Control and Ethnography". Date: 21-24.07.2011, Kassel University, Kassel, Germany. Deadline: 15.02.2011


The University of Kassel is proud to host the 2nd European meeting of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction. 

The sociology of everyday life, the analysis of social control (as the sociology of the construction of social problems or “deviance”) and ethnographic studies both within and outside these fields are three of the major pillars of contemporary interactionism. While social problems and social control have long played a major role in the worldwide interactionist dialog, the commitments to ethnographic work and everyday life have not followed suit to quite the same extent in Europe.

The SSSI’s European meeting Everyday Life, Social Control and Ethnography wishes to pick up on established debates, add new voices, and offer opportunities for dialog and exchange. We are inviting papers, ethnographic or conceptual, that fit the broad themes of the conference, including, but not limited to:

  • Ethnographies of Everyday Life;
  • Music in Everyday Life;
  • Language and Everyday Life;
  • Sexuality;
  • Motive Accounts;
  • Emotions;
  • Everyday Rituals;
  • Deviance and Social Control;
  • Health and Social Control;
  • The Construction of Social Problems;
  • Social Selves;
  • Conceptional Work in Interactionism;
  • Empirical Work in Interactionism.

The deadline for paper and session proposals is February 15, 2011. No full paper has to be ready at the time of application: Please hand in a title and abstract.

Please send all proposals to: sssi@uni-kassel.de


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