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Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity: Dividing and Uniting Communities Beyond Multiculturalism. Date: 04-08.07.2011. Site: Northern Cyprus, METU-NCC Campus. Deadline: 28.01.2011


This conference seeks to provide a space for scholars to take stock of the present context and share knowledge – specific or general, empirical or theoretical, with a view to develop and explore the possible ways forward to minimizing violence, discrimination, exclusion and oppression as the means by which difference is managed by political structures. It is hoped the conference will facilitate the development of more constructive, democratic, participative and inclusive means of promoting solidarity without negating difference and diversity. The conference is intended to be cross disciplinary and welcomes papers from scholars whose research crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries. Papers and panels are sought for presentation at parallel sessions where each paper will have a strict maximum of 20 minutes presentation time on panels of 2 papers with 50 minutes of discussion time per session.

The main themes for which papers are sought are:

  • Reconciling diverse communities and fragmented communities
  • Analysis of effects, uses, failures, or successes of cultural products (literature, film and the arts)
  • The role of states, NGOs and international structures in exacerbating or alleviating difference and fragmentation in communities
  • Ideological politics and the theorizing of difference, diversity and solidarity
  • Language, media and propaganda
  • After Multiculturalism?: Monoculturalism, Polyculturalism, Cosmopolitanism and the Theory and Practice of Difference within common space
  • Migration, Borders, Diasporas and Solidarity in Changing Communities

These themes are not exhaustive and the organizers will consider other papers relevant to the conference subject. We expect to publish a post-conference edited book, derived from the papers presented and organized around themes that reveal themselves during the conference.

The conference fee is: 350 Euros.

Abstracts of no more than 350 words, with name and affiliation, should be sent by email to: sboyd@metu.edu.tr. Please write “conference abstract” in the subject of the email. Pre-arranged panels may also be suggested.

Questions should be directed to the conference organisers:

Scott H. Boyd, Middle East Technical University-Northern Cyprus Campus


Details: http://differenceandsolidarity.org