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15th International Conference on Macroeconomic Analysis and International Finance. Date: 27-28.05.2011. Site: Greece. Deadline: 31.12.2010


The conference will solicit papers in all areas of macroeconomic theory and policy and international finance. All papers are submitted electronically.


  • Exchange rates and Currency Markets
  • Monetary Theory and Policy
  • Financial Markets
  • Economic Growth
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial Effects of Euro Adoption
  • Banking and Finance
  • Trade Effects and Financial Development in New EU Member Countries
  • EU Economics
  • Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
  • Financial Integration, Risk Sharing and Real Convergence of EMU Enlargement
  • New EU Countries
  • Growth and Development
  • Emerging Markets

For this purpose a specific script-form is released in due time. Please visit this page frequently. The deadline for submission is December 31, 2010.

Jointly authored papers should be submitted by the person who will present the paper, if it is accepted. Please note that each participant may present at most one paper. Upon acceptance of a paper the registration fee is 300 €. The registration fee for Ph.D. students is €200 (a letter of proof of Ph.D. student status is required from the head of the department).

Registration fees are not refundable. If there is more than one author per paper, only one submission fee is required. Additional registration is applied when all the authors participate in the Conference.

For information and queries for participation to the Conference, please contact:

Professor Athanasios P. Papadopoulos
Department of Economics,
Faculty of Social Sciences,
University of Crete,
Rethymno 74100,

Telephone Number :+30 2831 0 77418  
Fax Number : +30 2831 0 77406
Email :macro-conf@econ.soc.uoc.gr