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Conference "Technology, institutions and development: Perspectives from economics, anthropology and geography". Date: 18-19.02.2011. Site: Jena, Germany. Deadline: 12.12.2010


The Conference is aimed to bring together contributions – theoretical and empirical, qualitative and  quantitative,  from  any  disciplinary  background  –  that  focus  on  the multifaceted   interactions   between   (groups   of)   individuals,   science   and technology,   institutional   structures,   and   the   different   social   practices associated  with  them  in  development  processes.

The following is an incomplete list of themes and topics that should serve as a guide  to  submit  papers,  and  for  which  one  or  more  leading  scholars  in  the field has been invited to contribute:

- Power and institutional asymmetries in the process of development
- Gender    issues    in    institutional    and    technological    change    to   development
- Science and technology: producers and users
- Change in consumption, structural change and agrarian change
- Economic development: evolutionary approaches
- Development studies: historical views

The  Workshop  will be hosted at the Max Planck Institute of Economics in Jena. The workshop is structured in  seven  plenary  sessions  on  the  main  themes  and  related  topics.  Each  session
includes 3 presenters and discussants, among which an invited leading scholar in the field.    Sessions    are    organized    in    order    to    have    scholars    from    different disciplines/methodology  of  investigation  presenting  on  the  same  topic.  The  final session  of  the  Workshop  will  be  structured  as  a  panel  discussion  between  leading and younger scholars on each specific theme.
PhD   students,   young   researchers   and   established   scholars   are   encouraged   to participate by submitting and presenting contributions.

Details: http://dimedev.econ.mpg.de/