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A Male Role and Gender Order

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 13-12-2010
The paper considers a normative canon of «the male» and the idea of hegemonic masculinity (a strict standard of «a real man») in the frameworks of post-in-dustrial society of the last third of the XX-th – early
XXI-st  centuries  which  is  characterized  by  a  crisis of a customary gender order and traditional masculine  ideology.  The  findings  of  numerous  mass  surveys  in  the  countries  of  Western  Europe  show  that
there is neither a common male life style, nor a common  canon  of  masculinity  there:  though  their  values and beliefs are extremely contradictory, Western European  men  are  more  and  more  oriented  to  the
principle  of  gender  equality.  The  Russian  data  testify that the direction of masculinity transformations and connected with them social and socio-psychological problems in Russia are principally the same as in the Western countries.