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On the Nation-Specific Features of Modernization in Russia

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2010
Мир России. 2010.  Т. 19. № 3. С. 46-56. 
Тематический раздел:
It has recently become an increasingly popular issue among higher officials, mass media and researchers to debate over the modernization in Russia, the need for its intensification and whether its particular national context is a matter of serious concern. In his short essay the author attempts to summarize what the contemporary sociological knowledge has to offer in relation to this matter. His preliminary discussions allow him to make three following conclusions:

First. Numerous studies provide enough evidence for the nation-specific features of Russia and its society. The Russian, so to say, civilization is distinguished through (a) the particular features of its institutional matrix, (b) its unique culture, (c) the mentality of its citizens, and (d) the specifics of their behavioral practices that guide them through various regulatory prescriptions.

Second. Just like any other, even the most developed country Russia cannot develop without interacting with the global socium, since it also belongs to the Globalschaft. The changes in world system more or less determine the general course of changes in both of its systems, national as well as civilizational.

Third and most important. The particular path of Russia should be regarded as such only in the sense of articulating its own national interest, i.e. the absolutely desired improvement of its advantages in a competitive environment of the macrosocium. All interactions with the world system are subject to international regulations, while the transformations within Russia are mediated by its social institutions, culture and the mentality of its citizens.