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The «Shuttle» Business in the Russian Economy: the Role and Scale

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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2010
Экономический журнал ВШЭ. 2005.  Т. 9. № 3. С. 400-411. 
This paper is devoted to a comprehensive assess of «shuttle» business as a significant social-economic phenomenon in the post-soviet Russia.  Amerged  in  the  late  1980's  in  Russia  and  former  Soviet Republics as an illegual business, «shuttle» trade through the years of Perestroyka turned into legal wide-spread  model  of  economic  activity.  It  played  appreciable  role  in  supplying population with consumer goods and helped to solve an employment problem durind the period of economic transformation. The first part of the paper concentrates on the development trends of «shuttle»  trade  before  and  after  the  crisis  of  1998:  reshaping  of  infrastructure  and mechanisms of purchasing, transportation and sale of goods on the Russian markets. The second part is dedicated to the analysis of current situation in «shuttle» trade and evaluationof its scale.
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