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Envecon 2011: applied environmental economics conference. Date: 04.03.2011. Site: London, UK. Deadline: 05.01.2011


The UK Network of Environmental Economists (UKNEE) is pleased to announce that envecon 2011: Applied Environmental Economics Conference will take place on Friday 4th March 2011, at The Royal Society in London.   
Now  in  its  9th  year,  this  one-day  conference  will  bring  together  environmental economists  from  public  and  private  sectors,  academia  and  consultancy  to  share results of recent research and to discuss issues relevant to the practical application of environmental economics in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. 
By  creating  a  mutual  platform  for  those  who  commission  work  and  those  who undertake  it,  the  conference  aims  to   contribute  to   the  effective  use  of environmental  economics  for  environmental  policy  and  management,  as  well  as influence the research agenda.

We   would   like   the   final   agenda   to   include   papers   on   the   TOOLS   OF ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS:
A.  Economic valuation
B.  Economic appraisal
C.  Economic instruments
Themes A – C can be in any sector so long as they show how these tools are applied in practice. Some ECONOMIC SECTORS have been more of a focus for greening the economy and examples of how environmental economics is used in this process will be  interesting.

 Please submit your abstract by the 5th January 2011 to uknee@eftec.co.uk.

Source: http://www.eaere.org/files/Conf_10-10_envecon%202011_Applied_environmental_economics_conference.pdf