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To Build up a Matrix: the Discourse of Russian Power in the Context of Network Culture

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Опубликовано на портале: 18-01-2011
Search for national idea in Russia in early 2000-s looks like making up a new State ideol­ogy. Public discussion of the outlines of ideology fo­cuses on the objective of working out the adequate political discourse as a factor of State consolidation. In discourse search of new national idea and media rep­resentations of its outlines the elements of the Soviet ideological experience can be traced. But the discourse referent, the ways of making it up, the means of pro­moting and its environment are different in quality. The article is based on the discourse analysis of the documents coming out of the President Administration and the party "Yedinaya Rossiya" as well as the works of official active members of socio-political, intellec­tual, business communities.
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