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Научный семинар ИНИИ НИУ-ВШЭ "Getting history into the equation thoughts on social capital and on social science", г. Москва. Дата проведения 03.02.2011


Докладчик: Stefan Hedlund* (Professor, Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden)

Дискуссант: Тимур Натхов** (кандидат экономических наук, доцент кафедры институциональной экономики НИУ-ВШЭ, младший научный сотрудник ПрИиСК)


Provoked by problems in relation to the “transition” in the former socialist economies, economics has become ever more convinced that institutions matter. At the same time, the mainstream remains unconvinced that history matters. If we accept that history is the carrier of institutions, we have a problem here. That problem has several dimensions, namely, those of specificity (all countries are unique and the same), of correlations over time (not all relations are causal relations), and of deductive modeling (economics an ahistoric science). A way forward must be sought realizing that the Scottish enlightenment was well aware of the need to distinguish between invisible and visible hands (deregulation versus norms), that the ideal of a free market is an essentially cultural thing that may not be fully captured by price theory (dense maze of values and norms), and that deductive modeling breaks down at times of “great experiments” (Tocqueville, Przeworski). Social capital approaches provide a way of focusing the interest of new institutionalism on the interplay between rules, norms and enforcement, which is essential if history is going to be brought back into the picture. 

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Мероприятие состоится 3 февраля, четверг, Ауд. Ж-804 (Покровский б-р, 11), 18:10.

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