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The Workshop "Corporate Treasury Management". Date: 08-09.03.2011. Site: Manila, Pilipinas


This  course  provides  a  comprehensive  insight  into  the  global  financial environment in which corporate treasurers must operate, the challenges they face and practical techniques and best practices available to manage risk and optimise liquidity. It explains the role of Treasury, the instruments available,  fi nancial  vehicles  to  employ  and  potential  tax  implications; along with a roadmap for designing and implementing a global treasury management structure. It also describes banking and technology services available  to  Treasury,  how  to  select  providers  and  maintain  effective banking  relationships.  Anyone  new  to  Treasury,  shouldering  treasury responsibilities or needing to better grasp the challenges and needs of a modern corporate treasury will find this course invaluable.

This programme is catered for:
•  Treasury  and  accounting  professionals  who  require  global  treasury  skills and want to apply best practices to their organisations
•  Financial  executives  seeking  a  comprehensive  programme  covering  the key responsibilities of the global treasurer
•  Managers responsible for treasury operations overseas
•  Bank sales staff  and other service providers wanting to better understand their  corporate  treasury  clients’  environment  and  service  needs  in  the global arena

Goals of the course:

•This  unique  programme  focuses  on  how  to  utilise  and  integrate  treasury techniques and practices appropriate to your business in a complex global operating environment
•  Provides  practical “how  to”  advice  for  addressing  the  myriad  operational, technical, tax and risk aspects facing corporate treasuries
•  Alerts  participants  to  diff ering  fi nancial  instruments,  mechanisms  and pricing practices encountered around the globe and how to avoid pitfalls
•  Unveils  the  building  blocks  of  a  successful  global  integrated  treasury operation and a road map for staged implementation
•  It explains how banks and banking systems operate locally, regionally and globally and suggests approaches for selecting banks and banking services that best fit your company’s needs
•  Today’s treasury technology is reviewed along with how to select the system most appropriate for your company
•  The programme mixes structured learning and group interaction of shared experiences in a collegial atmosphere
•  Attendance  is  limited  and  discussions  ensure  that  the  specifi c  issues  and interests of all participants are addressed


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