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The 4th UK and Ireland HEIR conference 2011 "Scanning the horizons: Institutional Research in a borderless world", Kingston University, London. Date: 16-17.06.2011. Deadline: 07.02.2011


The theme of the conference is "Scanning the horizons: Institutional Research in a borderless world".

The conference aims to explore the role of Institutional Research in a globalised education context where tertiary level institutions increasingly operate across conventional boundaries: geographical (e.g. transnational education); temporal and spatial (e.g. e-learning, virtual universities and blended learning); cross-sectoral (as in consortia of business and universities); and cross-functional (as in convergence between academic and vocational education). At the same time, institutions are being required to operate more efficiently and effectively in a context of reduced financial and physical resources, requiring us to find new ways to approach our tasks. How can we, as Higher Education practitioners and specifically Institutional Researchers, harness the available knowledge and resources to support institutional decision making, engage with stakeholders, improve the student experience and student outcomes, and prepare our institutions for the future?

Tracks to be explored at the conference:

  • Accountability and Engagement: Moving beyond Performance Indicators and Quality Assurance
  • Supporting decision makers: Planning, Policy and Management
  • Institutional Research in action: Tools, methods and capacity building
  • Enhancing student experiences and measuring outcomes
  • Looking forward through Institutional Research

The deadline for Proposals to be considered for review is 7th February 2011.

Proposals should be no longer than 500 words in length and should be structured according the format requested in the electronic submission form below. Multiple proposals will be considered but no more than one proposal per applicant will be accepted.

Please direct all queries to: contact@heir2011.org.uk

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