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Key priorities for the future youth policy in Europe and mechanisms for its successful implementation: Agenda 2020

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Опубликовано на портале: 03-02-2011
Вестник международных организаций. 2008.  № 6. С. 4-8. 

Olga Perfilieva, Deputy-Director of the Center for Cooperation with OECD (OECD-HSE Partnership Centre), International Organizations Research Institute, State University - Higher School of Economics. Post-graduate Studies (PhD) in Sociology

8th Council of Europe conference of ministers responsible for youth “The future of the Council of Europe youth policy: Agenda 2020” was held in Kiev, Ukrain, in October 10-11, 2008. The paper highlights the key priorities for the future youth policy development in Europe and beyond fixed by the Agenda 2020. Agenda 2020 adopted during the Council of Europe ministerial conference summarizes set of policy actions and arrangements to be implemented to improve youth policy and youth sphere in member states and partner countries. It also describes different instruments and tools to ensure efficiency of the future youth policy developments based on the principles of multilateral cooperation and co-management and in accordance with the core democratic values.

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