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Gender Map of Central and Eastern Europe. Date: 21-22.04.2011. Site: Sumy, Ukraine. Deadline: 11.03.2011



Organiser:Sumy State University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Sociology, Politology and Psychology;Sumy Gender Resource Center with support of Equal Opportunities and Women’s Rights in Ukraine, Programme UNDP

Sections of the Conference:

  • Gender structure of authorities in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and influence of third sector;
  • Legal aspects of gender policy;
  • Socio-economic and demographic factors of changes in gender structure of labor force and migration flows;
  • Family, children and work:how social (gender) roles have changed? The Organizing committee invites scientists, experts and organizations interested in gender issues.

Language:Ukrainian, Russian or English

Fee:100 UAH (10 Є)
Contact:Nina Dmytrivna Svitaylo, Conference Organizing Committee, Department of Sociology, Political Science and Psychology, Sumy State University, st. Rimsky-Korsakov 2, Sumy, 40007, Ukraine
Tel.:38 0542 68-77-32
E-mail: ndssumdu@rambler.ru, svitajlo@sumdu.edu.ua
Internet: http://www.sumdu.edu.ua/eng/conferens/2011/2011_04_21-22/