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Working Together for G8-G20 Partnership: The Muskoka-Toronto Twin Summits, June 2010

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Опубликовано на портале: 15-03-2011
Джон Джеймс Киртон
Вестник международных организаций. 2010.  № 5. С. 14-20. 

John J. Kirton, Dr. of International Relations, Director of the G8 Research Group, Associate Professor of Political Science, Research Associate of the Centre for International Studies and Fellow of Trinity College at the University of Toronto, Canada; E-mail: john.kirton@utoronto.ca

The article examines how and why Canada’s twin 2010 summits worked well separately and together, and how the future G8-G20 partnership can be improved to the benefit of both in the years ahead. The author makes the comparative analysis of the performance of Muskoka G8 and Toronto G20 summits, identifying the synergistic convergence, and explores the causes of the successes and shortcomings of each alone and both together applying the closely related but distant concert equality model of G8 governance and the systemic club model of G20 governance as analytical guides. On the basis of this analysis, the author suggests the ways for strengthening G8-G20 partnership.

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