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International conference "Globalizing Cultures, Identities and Lifestyles". Date: 07-09.06.2011. Site: Manchester, UK. Deadline: 31.05.2011


Organiser: The Global Studies Association

Topics:  The  organizers  are  strongly  interested  in  papers  that  explore  the  limits  to  developing  a  global consciousness  or  varieties  of  cosmopolitanism  as  outcomes  of  global  cultural  experiences  and/or  which  critique concepts in this field.

Although the primary emphasis here is on cultural experiences, the organizers also welcome papers  which  explore  how  exposure  to  globalizing  work,  religious  or  political  practices  are  changing  people‟s identities. 

Possible  Directions  and  Themes  are:  The  migration  and  /or  cross  fertilization  of  sport  practices, institutions  and  celebrities  across  cultural  and  national  boundaries  and  their  impact  on  the  socio-cultural  life  of groups; The diffusion, role and take-up of globalizing health practices on the everyday lives of ordinary people and the mechanisms through which this occurs; How different kinds of skilled transnational migrants are influenced by and in turn shape the dominant cultural, political and other forms evident in the host society; How poor economic migrants,  who  retain  strong  ties  to  their  societies  and  cultures  of  birth,  nevertheless  forge  multiple  identities
through engagements with members of the host society or with migrants from societies different from their own;
The borrowing, mixing and/or hybridization of genres, styles or practices across ethnic/national borders in any field
of the arts, film, music, literature, theatre, dance etc – and the origins, vehicles and outcomes of and for such
cultural mobilities; Becoming or being cosmopolitan through engaging in globalizing leisure or lifestyle practices;
Travel and tourism as paths into global lifestyles and the encountering the cultural other; Globalizing lifestyles and
identities and their possible links to the expression of varying forms of political protest.

Language: English
Deadline: May 31, 2011
E-mail: p.kennedy@mmu.ac.uk
Internet: http://www.isa-sociology.org/conference.php?t=132