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International Conference on (Re)Integration and Development Issues in Multicultural and Border Regions. Date: 22-24.09.2011. Site: Portoroz, Slovenia. Deadline: 30.04.2011


The  conference  is  organised  by  the  Institute  for  Geographical  Studies  and  the  Institute  for  Mediterranean Humanities and Social Studies of the Science and Research Centre, University of Primorska, with the support of the Commission of Political Geography of the International Geographical Union. 

Topics:  The  aim  of  the  Conference  is  to  give  an  assessment  of past  developments and  conflict  resolutions,  an analysis  of  current  situations  and  problems  concerning  spatial  and  social  cross-border  and  inter-cultural integration/disintegration,  and  an  evaluation  of  the  future  trends  and  opportunities  for  co-operation  and development  within  a  broader  European  and  global  context. 

The  Conference  is  open  to  scholars  from  various disciplines who may contribute to the analysis of the geopolitical, historical, cultural, social and economic aspects
related to divergence and convergence processes and (re)integration perspectives and policies in multicultural and border regions. Keynote speakers: prof. Julian Minghi from the University of South Carolina, Columbia (USA), prof. Anssi Paasi from the University of Oulu (Finland) and prof. Giuliana Prato from the University of Kent, Canterbury (UK). Language: English 

Fee: 150 € (by April 30), 200 € (by June 30), 250 € (by August 31), doctoral and post-doctoral students/researchers: 80 €
Deadline: April 30, 2011

Contact: Mrs. Vesna Markelj and Mrs. Ana Kralj, University of Primorska, Garibaldijeva 1, SI-6000 Koper/
Capodistria, Slovenia
Tel.: 386 5 663 7700  Fax: 386 5 663 7710
E-mail: conference2011@zrs.upr.si
Internet: http://www.pecob.eu/flex/cm/pages/ServeBLOB.php/L/EN/IDPagina/2986