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3rd International Conference "Numerical Methods for Finance". Date: 08-10.06.2011. Site: Limerick, Ireland. Deadline: 29.04.2011


3rd International Conference "Numerical Methods for Finance" a joint event organised by Kemmy Business School (KBS), University of Limerick and Institute for Numerical Computation and Analysis (INCA), Dublin and held in KBS, Limerick, Ireland. 

The aim of this conference is to attract leading researchers,both practitioners and academics, to discuss new and relevant numerical methods for the solution of practical computational problems in finance. Discussion of new products and new models requiring new numerical methods for their solution is also welcome. The conferences are focused on topics of current interest, and the programme is organised around the talks given by distinguished invited speakers. Individual contributions may be submitted to either an oral or a poster session. Participants are encouraged to propose minisymposia consisting of a number of papers on a given topic. Offers to organise panel discussions are also welcome.

These conferences are intended to strike an even balance between practitioners and academics.

A book of proceedings will be published after the conference in the series: Springer Proceedings in Mathematics.

Academics and practitioners wishing to discuss their latest research results on numerical methods for solving practical problems in finance. Practitioners interested in learning about the latest numerical techniques for solving their problems.         

The conference is held under the auspices of the Institute for Numerical Computation and Analysis – INCA, a non-profit company limited by guarantee. See the website www.incaireland.org for more details.