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Russian labor and managerial culture in modern industrial production

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 25-04-2011
Мир России. 1994.  Т. 3. № 2. С. 97-118. 
Тематический раздел:
In the nearest future the new industrial and managerial technologies including the Western ones became the main factors of rise of new production conditions. It is caused by the fact, that the modern socioeconomic conditions in Russia dictate the necessity of the production technological reorganization as well as introducing the achievements of the postindustrial stage of development in our everyday life.The problem of production development on a base of "high technologies" is especially important now. The successful transfer and perception of new technologies depend directly on the cultural characteristics of the country-recipient's workers as well as from it's labor and administrative culture. The system of social values, norms and labor traditions being formed during an any people's history influence on the person's production activity. The main part of this paper is devoted to the study of Russian worker's characteristics. Why Russian? As they make more than 80 percents of Russia's population and their shares among persons engaged in industrial sphere is large.In other words just the labor and managerial culture usual for the Russians will determine an opportunity of high technologies' transplantation and forms of the Russians participation in the international division of labor. The author compares some base characteristics of Russian workers with the new forms of labor behavior recently widespread in the West.According to the surveys carried out by the author the Russian working class has rather representative group which would operate in new technological conditions.However the modern Russian managerial culture being influenced by "classical" industrial conveyorized production, considerably lags behind from contemporary requirements. The Russian management emphasizes administrative and authoritarian methods which do not correspond with the modern technological conditions