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Business Ethics & Sustainability Summer School. Date: 18-22.07.2011. Site: Breukelen, The Netherlands. Deadline: 01.06.2011


Sustainability in business is a strategic issue for almost every organization. You might think that a manager will rarely have to deal with this theme, but we firmly believe that it is rapidly gaining importance. Especially the ethical aspects of sustainability call for new skills and competences of managers in relation to a successful transistion process of organizations. New knowledge and skills are required because ethical issues raised by sustainable development need to be resolved in consultation with one’s partners in the chain.

In this module, new theories are applied to practical cases, either your own or those provided by Nyenrode.

The program is especially designed for students interested in sustainability and the ethical implications of sustainability on companies and managers.

This module makes it clear that, above all, the public demand for the ethical aspects of sustainability produces opportunities. You will learn to identify these and, moreover, experience how managers can successfully steer the increasingly complex transition processes associated with sustainability.

STUDY LOAD: One week (5 days)
Teaching methods and organization:
- Lectures
- Work groups
- Guest lectures
Sanne Zweers
31 (0) 346 291 469