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11th Aleksanteri Conference: “The Dragon and the Bear: Strategic Choices of China and Russia”. Date: 09-11.11. 2011. Site: Helsinki, Finland. Deadline: 31.05.2011


Organiser: Aleksanteri Institute, the Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies

Topics:  The  conference  will  emphasize  a  multidisciplinary  and  comparative  approach  and  bring  forth  new interpretations on the different strategic choices of the two giants and their mutual relations.

Hence, conference participation is open to a broad array of international scholars from the political and social sciences, economics, the law,  and  the  arts  and  humanities.  Additionally,  due  to  the  obvious  economic  and  policy  relevancy of  the  topic, representatives  of  the  public  and  private  sectors  are  also  invited  to  contribute  in  the  panels  and  roundtable discussions.  

Conference Themes are:

-       History and change: converging and diverging models of communism and transition;  International  framework:  Cold  War  legacy,  spheres  of  influence,  integration,  bilateral  relations;

-       Economy: transformation models, FDIs, legal framework, state ownership and the entrepreneurial environment;

-       Democracy:  aspects  of  authoritarianism  and  democracy,  institutions,  elites,  practices  of  governance; 

-       Social Balance:  socio-economic  and  welfare  development; 

-       Critical  Infrastructure  security:  national  crisis  management systems and their implications to regional security balance.

Language: English

Deadline: May 31, 2011

Contact: Conference Coordinator, Timo Hellenberg

Tel.: 358 (0)44 505 0106;   Fax: 358 (0)9 191 23615

E-mail: fcree-aleksconf@helsinki.fi

Internet: http://www.helsinki.fi/aleksanteri/conference2011/