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The conference “Colonial Legacies, Postcolonial Contestations: Decolonizing the Social Sciences and the Humanities”. Date: 16-18.06.2011. Site: Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Deadline: 31.05.2011


Organiser: Frankfurt Research Center for Postcolonial Studies (FRCPS)

Topics: Conference presentations are sought particularly to examine those fields in which postcolonial theory has largely been underrepresented. Postcolonial-feminist theory comprises a key point of reference for the conference, because  it  has  simultaneously  led  to  an  increasing  differentiation  and  crucial  revisions  both  within  Postcolonial Studies as well as within Gender and Women‘s Studies.

 The conference‘s goals are twofold:

-       first,  the organizer seeks to illustrate the epistemological and methodological relevance of a postcolonial (feminist) perspective within the various disciplines of the Social Sciences and the Humanities by example of concrete research projects;

-       second, the  organizer  aims  to  facilitate  (trans-)  disciplinary  networking. 

The  conference  is  conceived  of  as  a  graduate conference  for  early  career  researchers;  contributions  with  a  reference  to  postcolonial  (feminist)  theory  from advanced students, doctoral candidates and postdocs in the Social Sciences and the Humanities are most welcome.

Language: English, French, Spanish

Deadline: May 31, 2011


E-mail: frcps.mail@googlemail.com

Internet: http://www.frcps.uni-frankfurt.de/?page_id=729