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The Second International Conference: “Re-Thinking Humanities and Social Sciences. The Zone and Zones - Radical Spatiality in our Times?” Date: 01–04.09.2011. Site: Zadar, Croatia. Deadline: 01.06.2011


Organiser: University of Zadar

Topics: Possible topics include: The zone as a specific locality (local/global, suburbs as zones, tourist zones...); The zone as a supplement to „the Whole‟ (world system, urban space...); The war zones, urban zones, the zones-within-zones, private zones (private matrixes, virtual worlds…); The zone as a non-place (shopping malls, airports, motorways...); The military zones (ghettos, occupied territories, frontiers, borders...);  Concentration camps and asylum  centers  (the  zone  as  spatialised  state  of  exception);  Gothic  and  fantastic  spaces/zones;  Contact-zones (museums, borderlands... ); Radical zone as Third space, created and populated by the marginalized; The zone as a symptom (the zone may be viewed as a particular spatial entity that subverts its broader foundation, its own genius...);  The  Zone  as  the  site  of  political  struggle;  Zones  and  the  construction  of  identity;  The  history  of spaces/zones; Virtual zones (games...); etc. 

Language: English  Fee: 80 €/ 40 € (for graduate students); late fee  100 €/ 50 € (for graduate students)
Deadline: June 1, 2011

E-mail: rhss.conference@gmail.com
Internet: http://www.rhss-conference.com/