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40th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology. Sociology of Post-Soviet Countries: Myth or Reality? Date:16-19.02.2012. Site: Delhi, India. Deadline: 24.01.2012


Organization: Yerevan State University 

Title of Session: Sociology of Post-Soviet Countries: Myth or Reality?
Name of Session Convener(s): Zhanna Andreasyan

Social Sciences have a very "politized" role in Soviet Union. The methodological principles of social sciences have been presented in the form of marxizm-leninizm and real methodological- theoretical issues haven't become a topic for scientific discourse during the whole Soviet period. Sociology has implemented the function of legitimization of  social, political and economic structure of Soviet Society. As a result of this approach the  Another specifics of Soviet Sociology was the prevailing role of quantified approach, as the qualitative approach makes available to
gather deeper information about people and to hear their own words, opinions about reality while the quantitative approach let them only repeat the answers we want to hear through using of closed answers technique and so on.
So the sociology of Post Soviet countries inherits these Soviet specifics. In addition to this inheritance, Post-Soviet reality brings its' own specific to the picture of sociological science in Post-Soviet countries. That is what I called Shadow Sociology. This term is very similar to shadow economics characterizing post-soviet reality. 

Here are the main questions to be discussed during the session:

1. Do the Post-Soviet Sociology has a potential in terms of theoretical or empirical approaches?
2. Why yes or no?
3. What can suggest Post-Soviet Sociology for the world sociology in terms of scientific progress?

Email: zhannandreasyan@gmail.com 

Information about the World Congress: http://www.scasss.uu.se/iis/iis2012/index.htm