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The forum "Supporting Sustainable Communities in Times of Emergency: Participation, Empowerment and Democratic Innovations at Local Level". Date: 14-17.09.2011. Site: Athens, Greece. Deadline: 15.06.2011


Organiser: ISA Research Committee on Sociotechnics/Sociological Practice, RC26, with the Direction of Sociology of  Work,  Postgraduate  Programme,  Department  of  Pedagogy,  University  of  Athens  and  the  Sociology  of  Work Laboratory, of the Sociology Department, of the University of the Aegean Topics: This is a forum whereby the organizers wish to discuss the diverse aspects of globalization and the issues of empowering local communities, the role of social capital and the social economy in such processes.

The agenda includes the following topics:  The contemporary dynamics of social capital, the impact of globalization on local communities  and  common  perceptions  of  world  tendencies;  Social  economy  innovations  and  sustainable communities;  Inclusive  recovery  and  local  city  employment  governance;  Cellular  Globalization  in  between  Local and   Global   social   dimensions;   Empowerment   of   citizens/workers/consumers/minorities/youth;   Innovative community   social   development   and   Education   (NGOs,   environment/culture/education);   Social   policies, entrepreneurship and social cohesion re-examined; Organizational sustainability in times of crises, decline, turmoil and change.

Language: English  Fee: 60-180 € 

Deadline: June 15, 2011; Abstracts should be send to all the Members of the Acting Scientific Committee of the Conference  of  the  ISA  Research  Committee  on  Sociotechnics/Sociological  Practice,  RC26:  Prof.  George Tsobanoglou,   G.Tsobanoglou@soc.aegean.gr;   Prof.   Nikita   Pokrovsky,   Nikita@gol.ru;   Prof.   Hans   Pruijt, pruijt@fsw.eur.nl; Prof. D. Daskalakis, ddaskal@primedu.uoa.gr.

Contact: G. Tsobanoglou
E-mail: G.Tsobanoglou@soc.aegean.gr
Internet: http://rc26isa.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/athens-2011-international-sociological-association2011.doc